Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Virginia Gold Cup Memories: Warrenton Point to Point Races, 1939

With the 87th running of the Virginia Gold Cup coming up this weekend (this being the 'First Saturday in May' and all), I thought that I'd share some Library of Congress photos of long-ago Warrenton, Virginia steeple chase action.

Looks like a long afternoon for 'The Colonel.'
"That's what you get for treatin' me like a rented government mule!"
- Drinking from a flask at the Virginia Gold Cup? Wwwhhaaatttt?!?! A word of advice. Don't hang onto any speeding golf carts. -Just sayin'.

I love this picture of the young ladies trying to make heads or tails of the racing program. The young lady with the killer spectacles is dipping into the purse thinking "That's it. I'm betting the mortgage on the rider with the lovely pink silks!"
A good bow tie/top coat combo always attracts the ladies!
Photo credit: Library of Congress, Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information Collection.


P. Onca Palustris said...

This was the old Gold Cup held at Broadview Farms in Warrenton (now a housing development). The race was held there the last time in 1985 or so when it moved to Great Meadows -- where there was more room for frisbee.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, they actually hace horses at Gold Cup? I thought it was just a party.

Anonymous said...

Frisbee? I can't throw a frisbee in my vintage Brooks seersucker suit and white bucks. Hell, I might knock over the juleps. Is this an event worth attending? Might take a pass, and wait for the real thing in November. Cheers.

Trailer Trad said...

Mr. Palustris,

I knew you'd be the man to provide some historical context. Thanks!

Anon 9:27,

It does resemble Daytona Beach at Spring Break sometimes, doesn't it?

Anon 11:54,

Sshhh..., the REAL steeplechase held on the first Saturday in November is becoming less of a secret every year. -See you then...

Anonymous said...

Wow did these pics bring back memories! My grandmother ran horses there and I remember going to watch. It was a big event! I especially remember getting to go to the guy with the chalkboard with my dollar hoping to win big!! Is there a link where I can look at more of these?

Anonymous said...

The lady on the right in Photo #10 is totally rocking' those socks!

Trailer Trad said...

Anon 2:31,

Woman on the left - great look, cool slip-ons with no socks. Unfortunately, after a day at The Races, she probably couldn't walk due to blisters on her feet = the possibility of having to carry her a mile back to the car.

Woman on the right - Nice thick socks + "Go to Hell if you don't like it" attitude = No blisters and the better date for Mr. Bow Tie.