Friday, June 24, 2011

New Bike

On a Saturday morning, what better thing to do with my new bike than to head off to the neighborhood farmer's market. I was looking for some fresh fruit (June being official Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month in North Carolina) but was disappointed to find out that we are kind of between seasons. Too late for strawberries and about a week early for peaches. But there was plenty of goodies like Bavarian pastries, scones and lots of veggies and herbs displayed for sale.

It's also fun to talk with the vendors about their wares. An increasingly big thing is locally grown eggs, cheese and meat. They talk passionately about the difference between their eggs and grocery store eggs, for example. One vendor seemed especially disdainful of the direction that Big Ag. was going. "Did you know that they can grow steak in the lab now?" Another vendor chimed in. "I've heard that the Japanese have developed a 'meat-like' vegetarian product that uses poop as an ingredient." I nodded somberly in agreement not wishing to point out that organically grown bean sprouts are the suspected source of E-coli poisoning in Germany.

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