Monday, October 11, 2010

Trailer Trad Collecting: Late Summer Picking

The summertime 'dog days' are over and the pickin' was as parched and dead as my lawn. Well, maybe not THAT dead. I did come across a few nuggets here and there and it's always fun to look. -Always remember, if you have a great-aunt who is a hoarder of old junk and has packed three barns full of stuff and is downsizing to a condo, give me a shout. I'll be glad to help with picking it in disposing of the all the clutter.
I picked up these oak file boxes for $20 each. Pretty good for dovetailed boxes with original finish and hardware. They even had the original handwritten drawer labels on them! I sold the larger one and cleaned up the smaller one.

I bought this deck of cards for a quarter at an estate sale. I guess that they're pretty old (1900?) but I'm not sure. They appear to be French or Belgian. They're not worth that much but I thought that the face cards were kind of unusual.
These are indian blankets from the 1940s. The tan one has some repairs but I think that the applied antique material looks pretty cool and doesn't really detract.
I picked up this 1950s doctor's office/beauty parlor chair at the flea market. -Wasn't really looking for more Mid-Century chairs but I thought the look and condition of the chair was too to pass up.
Down the street, some neighbors had a yard sale and had some cool stuff. -These folding chairs were probably made in the 1930s approximately and were used as spare seating in a church. They are solid oak have a nice finish. These neighbors also had a big pile of soul/R&B 45s that I regret not buying.

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