Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Trailer Trad Attire: Just in Time for Christmas! Canada Goose Sale

This looks like an amazing sale on beautiful, practical parkas made in Canada and filled with goose down by Canada Goose. And, yes, the retail prices listed are what you have to pay normally.

-I'd like a 'ski patrol' red parka with a fur collar please. This sale will be over ASAP so hurry.


BUcky said...

Dang, i thought that deer skin would keep you warm.

Trailer Trad said...


Time for an upgrade.


Zeb said...


Trailer Trad said...


I read recently that raccoons are terrorizing Harlem. I wonder if they are coming from Brooklyn? In which case, are they looking for cheaper housing? Are they really opossums with stylish facial hair? Are they foraging for skinny jeans?