Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Trailer Trad Transport: Goin' (Jeep) Commando!

I spotted this very nice vehicle the other day in my neighborhood. It's an open-air back seat Jeep Commando and its pretty darned cool. The paint is spot-on hunter green and not too much has been done to mess it up. However, the model probably wouldn't be my first choice between, say, an International Harvester Scout II or Land Cruiser in the same color and condition. For one thing, I believe this is an early 1970's AMC vehicle. -No offense Mitt (Romney's dad was once CEO of AMC I believe) but I don't dig that brand very much. Must be those Pacer flashbacks. Second, I think that some of these were actually called 'Jeepster' instead of Jeep. Jeepster? -Sounds a little too cute for me. For example, would Hum-Vee ever allow itself to be called The Hum-Vee-Ster? -On second thought, I guess 'Hummer' isn't that great either!

But despite these quibbles, this vintage Commando is just right and some Broughton H.S. kid or NC State frat boy is very lucky to drive it around during these beautiful early Autumn days in Raleigh.

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