Friday, April 5, 2013

P.O. Palustris Visits Jermyn Street

Mr. Palustris took these photos when he was on Jermyn Street recently where he was kind enough to pick up my quarterly order from Turnbull & Asser. Unfortunately, my order contained shirts with a Windsor collar instead of the more versatile English spread collar. He berated them over their incompetence and threatened to take my account to Hilditch & Key. He remained in a sour mood while picking up my blazer from Savile Row's Huntsman and complained at how the quality of the brass used for the buttons had declined."What is this, Urban Outfitters!" he exclaimed while stomping out of their front door.*

*None of that is true. But it ought to be.


Phineas said...

Surly bastard.

Ferb said...

Where is Abercrombie and Justice?
Can't Americans ruin English fashion the way they have destroyed food trends ala McDonalds?

X.D. said...

I'm sure that Ralph, Tommy, et al would oblige. Hell, they already ruined American fashion and probably have some ime on their hands.