Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Trailer Trad Grooming: So Wrong It's Gotta Be Right

The Trailer Trad grooming tip that I'm about to share is just wrong. It really is. But hear me out. Carrying bottles of expense aftershave around in your gear bag or travel luggage can be messy. And TSA's guidelines on the permittable size of bottles in carry on lugguge can make carrying around your favorite aftershave even more of a pain. And those little tiny travel bottles are expensive!
What's a penny pinching trad to do? Well, you know those cologne ads in magazines with the sample strips? Yep. Tear them out and cut out the sample strip. Then, place some in a resealable baggy. They fit neatly in the side pocket of your tennis bag or your dopp kit. When you get out the shower, pop that bad boy open and rub it for a perfect amount of aftershave. Classy!

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eduardo said...

Very (Trailer) Trad!