Wednesday, March 16, 2011

English Shirt, Irish Heart (Reshown)

With apologies to Morrissey, I had to title this entry 'English Shirt, Irish Heart' in honor of today, Saint Patrick's Day. I found this beauty a few days ago and I said to myself, "this is an awesome shirt and it would be killer for St. Pats." Well, it didn't make the cut today but I did wear it to church the other day. It really stood out among the navy suits and white shirts. Judging by the attire, you'd think that I was a member of a Shaker congregation. The heavy drinking gives it away that we're not.

The pocket square is a Chapel Hill square from Alexander Julian on Franklin St. to honor The Tarheel's big win over Duke in the ACC tournament. -Whoops!

Oops, the vintage silk Rivetz of Boston tie is from England too. I'll listen to 'Jump Around' by House of Pain and drink an extra pint of Guiness to make up for it.

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