Friday, July 16, 2010

Trailer Trad Collecting: Sporting Antiques

Sporting antiques are one of the areas of collecting that appeal to guys. Other popular 'mantiques' are sports antiques, advertising antiques, antique tools (really), automobilia or petroliana (car and motorcycle stuff) and toys (guy toys like tin cars, toy soldiers, trains etc. primarily). Guys bring their aggressive 'hunting' natures and sense of competition to these areas of collecting. -So show up EARLY in the morning if you want to land a killer find with this stuff!

Antique decoys are perhaps the oldest and most established sporting collectible. Age, condition, variety of duck and provenance of the carver all influence the desirability of the decoy.

Any period advertising is very desirable now but rustic camp signs are even more desirable. The 'Maple Lodge Tourist' sign below was gotten straight from the source, a mile or two outside of my home town. It's likely from the 1930s. Travel became affordable to the middle-classes in the 1920s with the advent of the Ford Model-T and a craze in tourist travel ensued. Boarding houses and trailer courts served Depression-era and post-war families and often advertised using painted signs like those below.

Fishing collectibles have also been popular for many years. I like antique bobbers because of their weathered look and their great colors. They look great gathered as a collection and presented in antique hand blown-glass jars.

This painting really epitomizes what I like about sporting collectibles. The great, used condition of the painting sets the rustic mood set against the outdoors backdrop. Camaraderie and a good dog. What could be better?

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