Friday, July 9, 2010

Trailer Trad Collecting: June Picking

Summertime's here and the pickin's HOT! Eh, not really. But I have found a few decent things. Overall though, yard sales have been full of the usual kids clothes, toys and five year old home decor that probably looked cool at Target or Pier 1 but became tacky very quickly.

I bought a stack of these phonics pictures that were hung in classrooms during the 1950s. I thought the graphics were great and would be great matted, framed and hung in a child's bedroom.

I found this arts and crafts desk at a yard sale and snapped up for $15. The oak had some nice graining and the color was good. It had some problems but was still a good buy for me.

This find was especially good since it came in handy during the recent hot spell. This 1940's/1950's oscillating fan put me back one buck at a yard sale and works like a charm. Believe it or not, it makes summer air much cooler than new plastic versions.

This root beer mug set me back a sawbuck at the flea market and I was thrilled to get it. It was probably made in the early 20th century. Buckeye Root Beer was dispensed as syrup from a pump ceramic dispenser at soda fountains. -I wish that I'd come across the dispenser because they're worth thousands of dollars!

I found this seltzer bottle at an estate sale. I thought that this one had quite a bit going for it. The emerald green glass and etched label is very sharp and it is from an American company. European ones and those made with clear glass are much more common. It is also in very good working condition.
At a different estate sale, I ran across some nice 1960s posters that were hung on a basement bedroom wall. This one is of a racing boat. Notice the great Pepsi advertising and the awesome trio of (Mercury?) outboards on the back!

Cowabunga! This surfing poster is in very good condition considering its age. The vintage long board is great and it's dated at the top.

I gave this signed Enid Collins purse/jewelry box to Lil' Bean. It doesn't photograph that well but the big rhinestone owl eyes are great. Enid Collins painted these in the 50s and 60s and they are pretty popular with vintage collectors.

I was very happy to pick this old service station sign up at the estate sale this morning. I don't know its history but I'd guess that it is from the 1940s, give or take. Fifteen dollars for a genuine rustic wood sign is a good pickup for me.

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