Saturday, August 16, 2014

Trailer Trad Tunes: The Music Videos of David Dean Burkhart

I stumbled upon these great videos from a guy named David Dean Burkhart while looking for a favorite single, "Painted Indian" by the Brooklyn duo Minks.
Burkharts' videos are face-paced montages of 60's and 70's commercials, vacation films, etc. set to the mood and rhythms of the songs and I think that the results are really enjoyable. I picked mostly upbeat songs that are great for a last reminder of summer as it comes to a close. However, the brilliant Future Islands' Like the Moon is gut wrenching with its strange, sad imagery and lead singer Matt Herring's heartfelt vocals. I took out Le Couleur and replaced it with School of Seven Bells because, while "Scavenger" features racing, "Femme" was a little too racy!

Minks "Playboys of the Western World" 
A Sunny Day in Glasgow "Golden Waves"

Future Islands "Like the Moon"

Hibou "Above Us"

The Raveonettes  "Z Boys"
Beach Fossils "Birthday"
School of Seven Bells "Scavenger"


Trailer Trad said...

I felt trepidation about keeping this post up but I can't deny Sven his trip down to the ol' record store.


Sven said...

I am very appreciative Dr. Trad. I went to Olaf's Independent Record Store in Downtown Oslo today and purchased some records by Pure Bathing Culture and some singles by David Dean Burkhart. Looking forward to a Trailer Trad visit to Norway one day!