Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Few Pre-Fall Finds (reshown)

I found this great jacket just the other day and, other than taking in a bit, it should look great come the First Weekend in November!

Like the leather suitcase? I picked it recently for ten dollars. a fresh coat of Angelis brown shoe polish and it  ready to accompany me and my Marley Hodgeson Ghurka bag on my autumnal travels. 
Alright, alright! I give up. I'm now on the skinny repp tie bandwagon (not for me, but in concept). However, these that I 've found recently are the real McCoy. -Vintage 1980's haberdashery from old school prep shops.

This English, handwoven skinny wool repp tie is better than any that you'd find on a 'hillside.'
I saw these beauties in a downtown thrift store and I knew that I had to save them. If you've never seen Doc Maarten dress shoes (which I hadn't), you'll be amazed at the quality. These are benchmade English footwear of the highest quality. -But where will I wear them? They look smashing with blue or gray seersucker... but we're heading into fall....I'll find an occasion!


Jubal said...

I think I lost that Eljo's tie after drinking way too many Whiskey Sours at the Virginian one night. Good thing that you found it!

Anonymous said...

dude, that jacket is a great find! For real. It will suit u well- pun intended. ke'