Friday, October 4, 2013

Trailer Trad Tunes: Pure Bathing Culture + A Few Non-elevator Music Additions

Editor's note: Although I like Pure Bathing Culture, I don't like them that THAT much. As a matter of fact, upon listening to them a few times, I'm started to be reminded of cringe-worthy music from the 1980s like Jefferson Starship. So, I've kept one and added a few other peppier new tunes.

If you think that this band seems to almost aim for a kind of easy-listening sound, Pitchfork agrees with you. I don't really care. I heard them on 'KNC the other day and thought the vocals were nice.

There ought to be a law against how good this song is and how it WILL permiate every recess of your skull. You might not believe the 13,000,000 hits on this video if you are one of the very few who haven't heard it. -However, it's just THAT popular. I've loved the song for a while but I just discovered the official video. Royal blue is my FAY-VO-RYTE color.

Two Dollar Cinema Club  "What You Know"
I just found a nice twist on a Chairlift song. I found it while I was looking for their song 'Met Before' to use in my upcoming blog post on Scandinavian Olympic women skiers entitled 'Nordic Gold.' -Look for it.

Chairlift  "I Belong in Your Arms" (Japanese Version)

Wild Nothing   "Take Me In"

Wavves "Idiot"

Interpol  "Pace is the Trick"

The Kooks  "Naive"

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Steve S. said...

It is becoming increasingly apparent that Trailer Trad is the new Pitchfork. Onward and upward!