Sunday, July 28, 2013

Young Women and Leadership Part 1: It's Camp Time Again for Lil' Bean

It's camp time again for Lil' Bean (who's not so little any more) and time has flown. -She's already been there for two weeks! While I've shown you a little of the her beautiful waterfront camp in eastern, coastal Carolina, there's lots more fun things and beautiful sights that I didn't show here.
The camp helps girls become young ladies and young ladies become leaders. And what great leaders they are! This leadership is perhaps the most valuable, irreplaceable thing about my daughter's camp. It is evident in the people that staff the camp, the people that administer the camp and the people that guide and support the camp from Raleigh and elsewhere
The girls are carefully, gracefully, enthusiastically taught all of the good things. There are too many to list. The young women that counsel in the cabins provide such a welcoming, caring environment that it's almost impossible not to get caught up in the boating, crafts, and lets not forget KP duty and cleaning the bathrooms.
My daughter's camp is a most impressive effort and being able to send my daughter there has been a great privilege.


Pinto said...

You should do a movie review of "Sharknado" -- great flick.

Vernon said...

"Sharknado" was pretty good; that Tara Reed sure can act! Still think I prefer "Pirinha 3D" though.

Trailer Trad said...

I love the part when the Robert Shaw character looks at the Richard Dreyfuss character and says "We're gonna a bigger armored weather monitoring vehicle."