Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Trailer Trad Collecting: February Finds (repost)

Even in the deadest of months, good junk can be found. Sometimes,very cheaply. I bought the chair below for a dollar.
Yep, I bought this Emeco Navy swivel office chair right. True, the seat is trashed but a new black vinyl repair shouldn't be that hard. These chairs are still HAND MADE in the U.S. out of aluminum and were originally designed during WWII for use on submarines and warships. The unique specs that resulted in these were born from war time requirements for light-weight, fire-resistent furniture. These chairs are on permenant display at the Museum of Modern Art.

I don't know the history of this sign but I thought it was pretty cool. I'd place it from the 1950s and was probably used for a carnival game. -Remember those foul shooting games were you could never sink those foul shots for stuffed animals? This sign told suckers...er..lucky gentlemen to not pass the foul line and not to 'loft,' which I'll guess is when you underhand the toss to make the bucket.

At an estate sale, I came across a few early drafting drawings in a professor's basement drafting studio. It's no secret why NC State's newspaper is called 'The Technician.' For a hundred years, 'State' has graduated generations of scientists, inventors and designers and many remained in the area to work for local companies like IBM or to teach at one of the local colleges. -Really impressive people.

This looks like just an old piece of lead plumbing pipe, right? It's really a nice little piece of early industrial design. Carved of wood in the early 20th Century, it was used as a mold to drop forge iron pipe in foundaries. The back is labeled "garden hose" so it could have been a piece used to make outdoor pipes that flowed into garden hoses. -Which would this quite early, by the looks of it.

Nice old trophies have been snatched up a long time so it's been awhile since I've been able to grab one priced right. It's an early one from the 1920s in its original finish.
(Sorry for the repost. My blogger account got hacked and has been making blogging tough. -TT)


Russian Trader said...

Hey -- enough of reshown items already. Need more original content, just like on American Pickers' television show and website! When Russian Picker website launches, will have original picks and commentary each day.

Trailer Trad said...

Pretty discerning taste for a guy who stood in line for Soviet-made blue jeans and waited five years to buy a Moskvitch sedan deathtrap.
Keep in mind that my blogger account was/is hacked which has made it difficult to post. Also, more importantly, many in my growing readership (at least one or two a month) have not enjoyed my older posts and might like seeing them. So…
поедать мной
(that does mean "let's do lunch,right?)