Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Yellow Butcher Stripe and A Lesson in Dressin'

This newly acquired 1980s butcher stripe Brooks Brothers dress shirt reminds me of a guy from work and a story he passed on the other day. This guy's an old school South Carolina guy brought up around textile mills, back when men were men and Weejuns were brown. -Not cordovan. Brown. Only brown.
He had on a navy sweater with pink shirt combination on the other day. "Jaunty pink shirt Sir," I said. "Thank you. Back in high school, I would have had on matching pink socks with my brown Weejuns. -I don't have any pink socks," he shrugged. He went on to tell me of this exchange that he had with his wife many, many years ago.

"When I have a yellow shirt on, I wear matching yellow socks", he told her.
"And when I have a pink shirt on, I wear matching pink socks."

His wife was curious. "Well, what socks do you wear you when you have a white shirt on?"
"Easy," he said. "I wear navy socks."

Class dismissed.

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