Friday, April 20, 2012

Thirty Years of Awesomeness: Annapolis Croquet Battle Royale

Has it been 30 years? All that time, venerable St. John's College in Annapolis has hosted a joyous party under the pretext of athletic competition. To celebrate, I'm reposting an old post that I did a while back. If you are in the Washington DC area and are looking for a place to bust out the seersucker, big hats and the first G&Ts of the season, head to Annapolis on April 28, 2012. To Find out more, check out St. Johns College Croquet Information. If you doubt the coolness of this event, check out their 30th Anniversary Poster-Remember that movie where the likable band of misfits banded together to overcome the odds and compete against the fit, straight-laced, conformist team from the glamour school? –All cocky in their uniforms and Ray-Bans? I saw that one too. What if I told you that that epic conflict reenacted itself every year around this time? But instead of lines like “nerds, nerds, nerds”, “drop and give me twenty” or “Bushwood – A Dump?” there was friendly competition and swing dancing with women in sundresses? It’s true and you too can experience it –in Annapolis on Saturday, April 17th.Last year, a large festive crowd gathered on the front lawn of St. John's College in Annapolis as the students from Saint John’s, dressed as bearded, horn-helmeted Vikings, rose up and defeated the not-mean-at-all Middies from the U.S. Naval Academy in the 27th annual quest for the Annapolis Cup. The score was 4-1, but even if you were cheering for the Away Team (as many no doubt were) the good weather and garden party atmosphere made the score pretty irrelevant. And Hoover didn’t even need those 10,000 marbles in the least. Check out the video of the proceedings - (This post is from last year but the event is held annually around the same time in Annapolis. Check it out. It's a blast! -Trailer Trad)


Anonymous said...

Damn, where did I last see my viking helmet?!

Trailer Trad said...

Anonymous 6:41,

You have a viking helmet? You must be one of my many Icelandic fans.
Please make sure my favorite suite is reserved at the ice hotel in Reykjavik. -The one with the polar bear carpet and Sigur Rós and Björk playing on continous loop.

Eiður said...

Trailer Trad is very big and has many fans in Iceland. We are waiting for a picking expedition to Reykjavík.