Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Think Dudes Don't Dance? Ladies and Gentleman, I Present The Haka

Do you hate the Macarena? The Cotton Eyed Joe...The Electric Slide...Achy Breaky Heart? All of these travesties have cast long, agonizing shadows over wedding receptions for thirty years. They did over mine. This was despite my hiring a legit, Southern DJ known for his repertoire of shaggin' tunes and Southern Rock that was to be my gift to the Bride's family flying in to The Hunt Country from Green Haahbaah and Duxbury. If you're like me, you probably think there is no situation where dudes would score guy points for dancing in unison. In which case, you'd be wrong.

These examples of All Black performances are all fairly rare because they feature opposing teams also doing their renditions of the Polynesian ritual. Tonga, Fiji, Samoa and others all have similar traditions but since it is New Zealand's trademark, they largely leave it alone. Tonga does a good job but the players are left admiring the masters at it. The next video is great because it shows how the performance welcomes dignitaries to their countries.

The Haka is really just one example of these types of dances. In truth, they are known throughout the Pacifac and can be dances of celebration and welcome too. In the next video, The Maori king has dancers perform it for their visitors. Notice how it is customary to react grimly to it. The All Blacks coach has his best sour face on. "This tribe is powerful. We should get back into our war canoes and return to our own island", his expression seems to say. To not do so would be like going on a diplomatic mission and laughing at the parade of tanks rolling by. Bad form. Notice how even small Kiwi boys have this countenance when watching the Maori Haka!

This one is just really good. I especially love the 'Gene Simmons Kiss' rolling tongue with the eyes bugging out. Awesome!

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