Wednesday, April 20, 2011

St. Elmo's Memories: 1980s DC Bars

I picked up this old poster on my travels recently. Brought back a lot of memories because I began my career (cough) in economics in DC in the Late Eighties, the height of the Reagan Years. Good times. I lived in: Georgetown (briefly), MidTown on Mass. Ave., Foggy Bottom, Old Town Alexandria, Bethesda and, most recently when I had a kid, in The Kentlands in Gaithersburg. The Fam has long since packed up and relocated to The Old North State. But these old images still bring back some great memories!
Back then, my college friends liked: 'The Third' (Edition), Garrett's, Sign of the Whale, Flaps or perhaps Whitey's in Old Town. My softball friends liked Sammy's (Samantha's), The Black Rooster, or the Aussie or New Zealand Embassies (if we were invited!). -Don't forget that great hole in the wall next that that slightly larger 'Postie' hole in the wall The Post Pub. It was a tiny little thing more at home in NE or SE called The Night Cap. -Don't remember The Night Cap? Your loss.

Back in those days, Georgetown and the rest of DC were a little more hole-in-the-wall and less Rodeo Drive. Fewer chains and more character. Alot of these bars were moldy, dark dives and got hot and crowded on Friday nights. But wouldn't you prefer those to prepackaged 'concept' bars with the character of airport Applebees? Yep.


tintin said...

Do you remember the Chinese place near Clydes in Old Town

Trailer Trad said...

Tin Tin,

I'm familiar with the area around the new Clyde's in Chinatown. That's where we usually got our Chinese food fix. There was a S**thole called Wok n Roll that was down the street from where the MCI Center is now and it was amazing. Really hot and spicy. I used to go with some balding managers and, by the end, they had to wipe the sweat off of their heads! GO LOs is pretty good too. I believe they're still around. Back then, the best named restaurant in Chinatown had to go a dump called The Big Wong. No joke.

Eric Marquis said...

Where did you find that poster. I've been looking for one for years!