Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Weekend Picking in Raleigh - March

The picking has been tough over the winter but, with spring here in Raleigh, I hope to find some cool junk at yard sales, at the flea market or at estate sales. Here is some stuff that I’ve come across recently.

I didn’t buy the old bike but I thought that it had a good look. It is boy’s bike from the 1940s and if you’ve been watching American Pickers on History Channel, you know that boy’s bikes are much more valuable than girl’s bikes. Kinda rough shape for me though and I thought the $125 price tag was a little rich for my blood.

The compost bag shown below, on the other hand, was priced right at five bucks. It's got great graphics and came fresh out of an old ag. supply place in Eastern NC.

I came across this box of 1950s sign letters from PA and had to get a few. At $10 each for the words ‘sand’, ‘fish’ and ‘dine’, I couldn’t pass them up. They extend out from the wall so you get this cool three-dimensional effect when they’re hung.

This enameled steel gas pump sign is probably from the 1940s and its got its pluses and minuses. Its in kind of rough shape but on the other hand, I think that I can clean it up a little. The most important thing about it is that it has a Native American motif, which should make it much more desirable than a generic pump sign.

These odd green objects are enameled steel lamp shades that illuminated signs, probably during the 40s or 50s. They were pulled off a roadside sign in Hemingway, SC and, at $8 for the pair, I couldn’t pass them over.

I love antique advertising and I thought the mid-century graphics on this beer tray were great. And the red/orange and cobalt color combination is about my favorite. At $30, I thought that it was worth it even though the condition is not excellent (slight paint oxidation on the face of the tray).

The Hawaiian print shirts came out the attic of an executive moving to the beach. They were in great shape from the 50s/60s and, at a buck apiece, I snapped them up. Unfortunately, their medium size didn’t fit me but they’ve since found some good owners.

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