Wednesday, March 17, 2010

English Shirt, Irish Heart

With apologies to Morrissey, I had to title this entry 'English Shirt, Irish Heart' in honor of today, Saint Patrick's Day. I found this beauty a few days ago and I said to myself, "this is an awesome shirt and it would be killer for St. Pats." Well, it didn't make the cut today but I did wear it to church the other day. It really stood out among the navy suits and white shirts. Judging by the attire, you'd think that I was a member of a Shaker congregation. The heavy drinking gives it away that we're not.

The pocket square is a Chapel Hill square from Alexander Julian on Franklin St. to honor The Tarheel's big win over Bill N' Bitch in the NITs. -Ha!

Oops, the vintage silk Rivetz of Boston tie is from England too. I'll drink an extra pint of Guiness to make up for it.

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