Wednesday, June 1, 2016

My New Ride: Swiss Army Issue Bicycle

I got my new bike from Switzerland. I'm a newbie to cycling so I wanted something no-nonsense; suitable for commuting and designed for hills and light, off-road duty. This bike is filling the bill. Love the sturdy, hand-braised Condor frame (Bradley Wiggins' frame choice) with Shimano shifting. The Swiss leather seat is extra comfy. 
This model was introduced in the mid-nineties to modernize the venerable Swiss courier bike that was largely unchanged since the 1930s. The bike was built to carry not just letters. Military specs required that it potentially carry items like machine guns if necessary! As a result, it is extra sturdy and over-built, which I like. The front and rear racks are custom-made as part of the frame. Pretty unique. Cool French, Italian, and Swiss components and maintenance items are woven throughout the ride
I went to Palouse Bicycle Collective to get it inspected and adjusted to fit me perfectly. These guys are awesome. Their only downside is that they are hurting the business of  the other for-profit bike shops in town.  Their high level of service while committing to dirt cheap service prices makes me want to reconsider my aversion to all things 'collective.' Peace Man.


Donald Trumpeter said...

When I become president we are going to build a huge wall to keep out Swiss bikes. We will build the most amazing, fantastic bikes ever seen. The bikes will be the best. And Hillary Clinton will not be able to ride the bikes. She is horrible -- cant even ride a bike. She made bike deals that are simply awful.

Trailer Trad said...

Here here! We couldn't agree more!---Waaiiit, do we even make our bikes in the US anymore?

-Joe Raleigh and Dave Schwinn

Blu said...

Does the kickstand on this bike also fold out to give you a knife, a corkscrew, and a file?

Donald Trumpeter said...

Blu -

You just wait until I make bikes in the US. They will have the biggest and best knife, corkscrew and files, they will be huge and everyone will love them!


Matt Turner said...

Love your new bike! If you find that your messaging gets out of hand, check out the Felt BruHaul I will carry all your messages plus and damsels in distress you may come across.

Henry said...

Forget the corkscrew -- this baby had better have a flamethrower!

S. Whiplash said...

That is one mean velocipede!

Trailer Trad said...


I can barely get MYSELF up and down these hills in town, let alone a damsel in distress!


See my earlier comment on velocipedes I made a few years ago. It's back in the files somewhere...


It has loads of cool stuff but, believe it or not, it does not have a kickstand. Luckily, there are enough proper bike stands around--not like when I was a kid!