Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Trailer Trad Attire: Are You Man Enough to Wear This Hat?

There is an old American manufacturer of hats that are worn by more bad-asses than you can count. Texas Rangers (not the baseball team) wear 10-gallon white versions. County Mounties (10-4 good buddy) wear the gray, wool felt versions. Freakin' Smokey the Bear swears by them.

If you said Stetson, it would be a laudable guess but you'd be wrong. Family-owned Stratton has manufactured hats to the go on the heads of countless men and women that have sworn to protect and serve us with valor since before I was born.
I have to admit that I would feel unworthy wearing any hat regularly associated with law enforcement but, I gotta tell ya, the tan straw version of the forest ranger hat could really fit the bill, if you'll pardon the hat pun. I'm so fair-skinned that I get sunburned from the moon. It may be time to invest in serious sun protection that has some real stature. Let's face it, baseball caps are the corporate logo polo shirts of manly style. I've planted the hearty, oaken seed of headware desire in you. While on your next hiking or dry-fly fishing expedition, what would look manlier yet jauntier than this lid? You're welcome.

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