Saturday, June 13, 2015

Trailer Trad Collecting: A Nice ITBL Yard Sale Yields Garden Antique Finds

I was driving around Saturday morning when I happened to see a tag sale sign stuck up on a telephone pole and drove a few blocks to the sale. Tucked just off Glenwood on a very nice side street, this house hosted a tag sale that was a treat to attend. This was a lovely, old-school affair and the hosts were really, really nice. 
Mixed among some newer home decor were some items that you don't see every day. This piece is an iron french garden antique that one could use in the ground or in a big pot to hold up flowers and such.
As I've said before, country store antiques are hard to find and this one I'd guess is over 100 years old. It appears to be a display rack for Cream City mfg. company. They were an old manufacturer of kitchen items like coffee pots, cream cans, and pie plates. I'd guess that the rack displayed different sizes of tin/granite ware plates?
This is an example of a Cream City tin kitchen item that would have been sold in country stores.
My best purchases were three Victorian wire plant stands priced very reasonably. Two black and one white, they are large and constructed of ornately decorated twisted iron wire. I'm usually not that crazy for Victoriana but these are pretty cool. I think the owners used to have an antique store in the Midwest and I would imagine a lot of the antiques were picked out there many years ago.
 Here's another old garden piece that I bought. I'd guess its American hand-wrought iron from the Arts and Crafts era.

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