Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Trailer Trad North Carolina: The Wood Wright's Shop

Located near Chapel Hill, Pittsboro is slowly (rapidly) becoming hip amongst the crunchy 'raise your own chickens and listen to bluegrass' twenty somethings. Chatham County is also popular among Boomer retirees. How to keep these disparate folks occupied? WOODWORKING! That famous PBS guy with the carpenter's overalls and the chambray shirts has a tidy little shop in Pittsboro that verily hums with activity, even on Sunday mornings when my friend and I were invited in to take a look. So trad- sawdust on the floor and archaic wood turning lathes on cool work tables. When my friend started fingering the saws to feel their edge (with Mr. Underhill looking on out of the corner of his eye), I knew I should wrap up the tour.

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Anonymous said...

You'll shot your eye out, kid!