Thursday, September 19, 2013

Trailer Trad Time Travel: The Early 1970s Mostly Sucked

I don't REALLY remember the early 1970s as portrayed in these photos do I? Yeah, I pretty much do.
Is it just me or did the early 1970s just seem dirty. Litter was everywhere. People looked sloppy and beaten down. Gas lines. Greasy hair. Polyester. Crappy TV on three fuzzy channels and crappier music on fuzzy Top 40 FM radio stations. Yuck.

 Photo credit: National Archives "Documerica Project"


P.O.P. said...

Obama = Carter (only worse).

Bucky said...

Carter is telling people that he isn't the worst President now that we have an "Obamantion"

Thank you for your fine blogging work Mr Legume!