Friday, November 11, 2011

Hometown Weekend: Montpelier Races & Small Town Downtown

I made my ritual autumn trip back home to Virginia this past weekend. I was fortunate to have my Daughter Lil' Bean traveling along with me for the racing and sightseeing action. We started the weekend joining up with family at The Montpelier Races, an exciting yet serene throw-back to a gentler age.
Lil' Bean making her way to the racing action in her Lily Pullitzer pea coat.

Homebase, literally. This was my view looking out the back door while growing up in a small town in the rolling hills of Piedmont Virginia.

Dean & Deluca? Maybe a Brooklyn trattoria? Nope. Try a super spot in a little, podunk town in Virginia. It's really hilarious how I can now get Trappist Ale, 4-star cuisine and Staub cast iron cookware in a town where Pizza Hut was once considered haut cuisine.

See that big Victorian at the end of the block, past that ancient milling building? That's where my Dad grew up.

After a tiring excersion into The Nation's Capital, we took a well deserved pit stop at Moo Thru. This  stop provides all of the cream from their own dairy cows. And, yes, they appear to doing pretty well.

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