Monday, January 10, 2011

Trailer Trad North Carolina: Raleigh's The Roast Grill

The Roast Grill by Trailer Trad

The Roast Grill in downtown Raleigh recently celebrated its 70th Anniversary. It's a true hotdog stand in that it sells basically only hotdogs. George and Mary Charles first opened the dive and the preferred cooking technique is still "burning them." Burning them means that the hot dogs are cooked on a grill until their skin gets crispy. Add to that your choice of mustard, onions, chili, or cole slaw. No fries. No burgers. -Not even any catsup. The place seats twelve and offers, other than really good dogs, 10oz. BOTTLES of Coke along with your choice of desserts. Dessert choices include baklava, pound cake or baklava and pound cake smothered in Coke.

Think about that. This joint has been selling basically four or five items for over 70 years! -I read a Raleigh food blog where some hipster commented that she loved The Roast Grill but wondered "if they could also start offering brats." -What do you think The Customer Feedback Committee thought of that suggestion? -Circular file, I'm sure.

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