Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Trailer Trad Grooming: The Right Toothbrush

The Right Toothbrush

What’s happened to toothbrushes? While I realize the benefits of motorized toothbrushes, I have working wrists and am more than capable of generating the action needed to cleanse my big yap. However, where are the plain ol’ toothbrushes that can fight plaque and, if needed, clean the grime from M-1 rifle barrels?

What I don’t need is a five dollar toothbrush that looks like something that you hop on and fly around on at Hogworts Academy. And then, after a week, the bristles bow outward or get stuck in your teeth. A plain, well-made plastic toothbrush at a good price was no where to be found. Until now.

Reach by Johnson & Johnson puts out an economy pack of plain acrylic sturdy toothbrushes in cool colors like emerald green and cobalt blue. Four for $6.00 at Target works for me.

Blog entry update – As with most traditional products that are good, solid values, the Reach toothbrush four packs were removed from my Target much to my chagrin. They have been replaced by more of the flimsy, flashy jobs. So, as it is with most traditional products that are good, solid values these days, I rooted around on the internet to find what I want. At Walgreens, the manager found some in the back for $1 a toothbrush and I bought every one.-Score!

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