Sunday, October 31, 2021

Strange! Trailer Trad Halloween at Richmond's Hollywood Cemetery Mausoleums

 Happy Halloween from Trailer Trad. I enjoy walking through the beautiful, historic downtown Richmond cemeteries; especially Hollywood Cemetery. Throughout the city's long history, its most prominent citizens have been laid to rest there. 

This is me feeling an increased sense of apprehension as I headed into the foreboding walls and gate of Hollywood cemetery, the historic resting place for countless great Virginians. Just kidding. Actually, all of my selfies are like this.

Friday, September 17, 2021

A Church with a Cannon: A Richmond Landmark

Next to the grounds of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is a beautiful little gingerbread chapel. Like most church sanctuaries, it contains many stained glass windows. But this chapel has four striking, rare windows that are beautiful in their folk-art, yet modern simplicity. They were crafted and installed in the late 1800s to honor veterans of the Civil War. Timeless and beautiful.

The next time you visit the exquisite art museum and civilized grounds, check it out!