Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Trailer Trad Living: Old Dominion Heritage Family Tree

My Mom's family back on the farm. Cutest family ever! 
That's me giving tennis lessons in high school. Yeah, I've been playing THAT long. Notice the kid with the wooden racket in the background?  His forehand looks like it's going to be AWESOME. -I taught him that.
The picture below was taken on the college library steps. - I had to be told what building that was.
That could be my hair line in a few... Ouch!
That's my bro Stretch rockin' the stach!
Sis has a sweet smile that hides a crushing forehand!
Newly minted doctor in the family!
My Dad was a blonde!
What's a family photo without a blurry 1970s Polaroid. -My brother Bobby back in his skiing days.
Great grandfather seriously rocked the facial hair. My brother Bobby looks just like him right down to the 'don't f*ck me' look in his eyes.

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