Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Trailer Trad Tory Tales: Compromise

Bob and Joe Get Stuck on A Railroad Track and Attempt A COMPROMISE
One evening, Bob and Joe were riding in Joe's pickup truck when it became stuck on a railroad track. Joe wanted to get out and push the truck to safety immediately. Bob mistakenly believed that the Norfolk Southern freight train wouldn't roll through until much later. "I'm listening to Smooth Jazz on XM radio right now. Why can't we compromise and chill now and do the heavy pushing later?" Joe considered this quite unreasonable and not useful so he put the car in neutral and pushed the car off of the tracks by himself.

Sometimes, we get caught up in words that sound better than they are. The word that I'm going to discuss may be the most overrated word to come down the pike in quite a while. 'Compromise' is often idolized in our society. "If only the two sides would compromise." Compromising is often useful. However, there are many things that it is not. While it may be facilitation, it is not leadership. While it may be a tactic, it is not a strategy. While it may seem sophisticated or mature, it is not courageous nor always correct. It is a way of deciding like when kindergarten teachers help children to compromise on the playground. Like Rock, Paper and Scissors is a form of compromise.

Whatever happened to debating the issue at hand and pursuading the other parties? For example, Congress is supposed to be a deliberative body that argues ideas and policies to better reach wise policy decisions. The voters should also influence how issues are decided. What do the voters want? Lately, notice how 'compromise' in Washington is often negotiated behind closed doors? And that the result of said compromise is a document longer than can possibly be scrutinized? Lots of give and take. Lots of 'carrot and stick.' Lots of bribery and extortion, perhaps? The old saying "The Devil is in the details" is not at all relevent here. Not. At. All.

During this latest Kabuki performance on Capital Hill, John Boehner has been trying to break the Guiness Book of World Records for Cat Herding While Pushing Rope (-He's actually made a fan of me because he reminds me of Lee Marvin dealing with the crazy convicts in The Dirty Dozen). At the same time, in the main stream press, the esteemed, scholarly moderates shout "Why won't the Tea Party members of Congress compromise? -They're bat shit crayyyzzy!"

Excuse me. We. Are. Broke. To all Democrats, Obots, Libs and soft-headed 'Independents' ,what part of that don't you understand? We, as a Nation, are spending taxpayer's (and Chinese bondholder's) money like drunken sailors. No, I take that back because I don't want to insult drunken sailors. How about we are spending money like Paris Hilton if she got drunk and joined the Navy.


brohammas said...

Just because I'm antagonistic...
WE aren't broke... just most of us are.
I understand completely the need for action over compromise in dire straights... but that isn't the heart of things here.
Its plan A vs plan B, and each side refuses to see the other as a plan instead choosing to suspect each others plans as agenda bombs with nefarious intentions... and both are wrong.
Is the govt. going broke? Oh yes.
Are there people and companies out there who are making more money than they ever have? Oh yes.
Does lower taxes mean more jobs? Not always, it could, but it hasn't. Corp taxes are lower now than ever, and still they don't hire.

Its kinda like a room full of folks all complaining about being broke while one of the guys secretly has a suit lined with cash.
We are all in this together... but he still has a suit lined withcash.

Trailer Trad said...

Thanks for your thoughts. Well spoken, as always.

It's a complicated issue, to be sure. I meant 'We' as in the U.S. government. When it borrows nearly a third of what it spends (and, it isn't 'investment', by the way) and our debt is now over 100% of GDP, our Nation is broke.

Corporate tax rates are now higher than most industrialized countries and our personal income tax rates are also among the most progressive of any industrialized country. --It's like the U.S. and Canada have switched places.

Just because there are people 'in the room with money' means what, exactly? That we take more of it from them because they're supposed to 'share the burden?' Yay, that's always a crowd pleaser but it wouldn't pay our bills for any amount of time and then the rich will either A: be broke too, B: have fled the country to escape onorous taxation or C: have paid lobbysts and lawyers to shelter their income just like GE and the rest always do. I'm sure that the President charging $30k to $50k for access to his birthday party is totally unrelated to that. -Also, Google 'Healthcare Waivers.'

-And you're forgetting something. IT'S THEIR MONEY! Not mine and not yours and not the unemployed guy's down the street. The brutal truth is companies will make as much money as they can and will hire WHO THEY NEED. We simply must make businesses comfortable enough and the outlook stable enough to where they feel like hiring Americans. And since small business do most of the hiring, they must be made to feel as comfortable as possible about taking on more staff.

During the last decade, revenues have increased to the Treasury. It's just that SPENDING has sped up at an enormous clip. And as entitlements grow and grow because of the aging Baby Boomers, it will get even worse. And as the rest of the world figures out that we refuse to cut up our cards, our debt service burden will also get much worse.

Brohammas, I hope that I've made a mistake and have been reading the stats upside down and you'll laugh and say "Mr. Trailer, you dummy you've been totally wrong and we're in great shape! And we'll both laugh and laugh! I really hope that.

brohammas said...

I had a long and wonderfully crafted response all typed up and when I hit post, it gave me an error message and returned me to a blank field.
I consider it the universes way of sparing your feelings as I proved all of my points so well it would have shaken your world view.
But as with most things, my brilliance was a flash in the pan and we will just have to agree that I win this one and leave it at that.
right? I win right? (just shake your head yes)

Trailer Trad said...

Consider my head to be nodding. And this has given me a great small business idea to jump start the economy.

-'Trailer Trad' bobble head dolls!